Anak ng Kumander

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Anak ng Kumander
Anakngkumander res.jpg
Anak ng Kumander movie poster
Directed by Jose Balagtas
Written by Rod Santiago
Starring Manny Pacquiao
Ara Mina
Cinematography Leodigario B. Dalawis Jr.
Distributed by MP Productions
Release date(s) January 1, 2008
Running time 110 mins.
Country Flag of the Philippines Philippines
Language Tagalog
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Anak ng Kumander is an entry to the 33rd Metro Manila Film Festival from MP Productions under the direction of Jose Balagtas. It stars Manny Pacquiao and Ara Mina.



A rebel's son, Kumander Idel (Manny Pacquiao) pursued his father's work as an outlaw who hides in the mountains with a group of men creating chaos on the corrupt officials who continue to oppress people. Just like a typical anti-hero, he carries a big gun with sexy girls shooting guns along with shootouts in the jungle. Using his own unique code of honor, he applies justice to all those who deserve punishment. He eventually should make a choice between his values and a chance for an easier life.




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