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Area is a physical quantity expressing the size of a part of a surface. The term can also be used in a non-mathematical context to be mean "vicinity".

Surface area is the summation of the areas of the exposed sides of an object.


Mathematical usage


Units for measuring surface area include:

square metre = SI derived unit
are = 100 square metres
hectare = 10,000 square metres
square kilometre = 1,000,000 square metres
square megametre = 1012 square metres

Imperial units, as currently defined from the metre:

square foot (plural square feet) = 0.09290304 square metres
square yard = 9 square feet = 0.83612736 square metres
square perch = 30.25 square yards = 25.2928526 square metres
acre = 160 square perches or 43,560 square feet = 4046.8564224 square metres
square mile = 640 acres = 2.5899881103 square kilometres

Old European area units, still in used in some private matters (e.g. land sale advertisements)

square fathom (fahomia in some sources) = 3.34450944 square metres
cadastral moon(acre) = 1600? square fathoms = 5755 square metres {{fact}

traditional Afghan unit

jirib ≈0.2 hectare; used typically for field and pasture measurement, and less often in real estate trading

Useful formulae

Common equations for area:
Shape Equation Variables
Square <math>s^2\,</math> <math>s</math> is the length of the side of the square.
Regular hexagon <math>\frac{3 \sqrt{3}}{2}s^2\,</math> <math>s</math> is the length of one side of the hexagon.
Regular octagon <math>2(1+\sqrt{2})s^2\,</math> <math>s</math> is the length of one side of the octagon.
Any regular polygon <math>\frac{1}{2}a p \,</math> <math>a</math> is the apothem, or the radius of an inscribed circle in the polygon, and <math>p</math> is the perimeter of the polygon.
Rectangle <math>l \cdot w \,</math> <math>l</math> and <math>w</math> are the lengths of the rectangle's sides (length and width).
Parallelogram (in general) <math>b \cdot h\,</math> <math>b</math> and <math>h</math> are the length of the base and the length of the perpendicular height, respectively.
Rhombus <math>\frac{1}{2}ab</math> <math>a</math> and <math>b</math> are the lengths of the two diagonals of the rhombus.
Triangle <math>\frac{1}{2}b \cdot h \,</math> <math>b</math> and <math>h</math> are the base and altitude (height), respectively.
Disk* or Circle <math>a</math> and <math>b</math> are the semi-major and semi-minor axis.
Sphere, Circular area <math>4 \pi r^2 \,</math>, or <math>\pi d^2 \,</math> <math>r</math> is the radius and <math>d</math> the diameter.
Trapezoid <math>\frac{1}{2}(a+b)h \,</math> <math>a</math> and <math>b</math> are the parallel sides and <math>h</math> the distance (height) between the parallels.
Total surface area of a Cylinder <math>2 \pi r (h + r) \,</math> <math>r</math> and <math>h</math> are the radius and height, respectively.
Lateral surface area of a cylinder <math>2 \pi r h \,</math> <math>r</math> and <math>h</math> are the radius and height, respectively.
Total surface area of a Cone <math>\pi r (l + r) \,</math> <math>r</math> and <math>l</math> are the radius and slant height, respectively.
Lateral surface area of a cone <math>\pi r l \,</math> <math>r</math> and <math>l</math> are the radius and slant height, respectively.
Circular sector <math>\frac{1}{2} r^2 \theta \,</math> <math>r</math> and <math>\theta</math> are the radius and angle (in radians), respectively.

* A disk is the area enclosed in a circle. Often such area is called cross-sectional area like a round cable cut in half.

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