Asociacion Feminista Filipina

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Asociacion Feminista Filipina
Established June 1905
Founder Concepcion F. Rodriguez

The Asociacion Feminista Filipina is the first women's club in the Philippines. Its establishment in June 1905 marked the start of The Feminist Movement in the Philippines.


The First Feminists

The club's first officials were Concepcion F. Rodriguez, and the Board was composed of Maria de Villamor, Paz Natividad de Zulueta, Bonifacia Barretto, Clemencia Lopez, Sofia Reyes (later de Veyra), Trinidad Rizal, Agueda Paterno, Jacoba Paterno, Librada Avelino, Carmen de Luna, Maria Arevalo and Maria Francisco.

The club worked on the following:

  • proposed reforms in prisons especially on behalf of women and minors
  • recommended labor reforms in shops and factories employing men and women
  • worked for educational reforms through lectures and conferences for women
  • encouraged drives against prostitution, gambling and drinking
  • conducted religious and moral campaigns in schools and factories
  • established recreational facilities
  • persuaded government to appoint women to municipal and provincial boards of education



  • secured an industrial teacher for the insane women in San Lazaro hospital
  • segregation of women prisoners from men at the Bilibid Prisons, which became later on as the Correctional Institute for Women
  • persuaded government to hire women police matrons for the women detainees
  • founded daycare centers for working mothers
  • provided legal aid to indigenous women, among others


Through the initiative of the first feminists, more women's clubs were organized nationwide. These organizations formed the National Federation of Women's Club of the Philippines on February 5, 1921.


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