Attic Cat

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Attic Cat
Genre asianovela, comedy, romance
Created by Min hyo Jung/Goo Sun Kyung
Directed by Kim Sa Hyun
Starring Kim Rae Won
Jung Da Bin
Choi Jung Yoon
Lee Hyun Woo
Country of origin Template:COL
Template:South Korea
Language(s) Korean
No. of episodes 16
Producer(s) MBC
Camera setup multicamera
Original channel MBC
Picture format Color
Original run June 2, 2003July 22, 2003

Attic Cat or Rooftop Room Cat is a South Korean television series that was written by the writer of Full House. It was first shown on Attic Cat or Rooftop Room Cat is a South Korean television series that was written by the writer of Full House. It was first shown on MBC in South Korea, but also aired in Philippine Television through GMA Network.

The series is mostly comedy but also is drama, since it's a story that tackles love and romance.



Lee Kyung-min is an undergraduate law student in the university. Kyung-min is orphaned, and is brought up by his grandparents. His grandmother dotes and spoils him terribly, while his grandfather is a strict elder whom he can’t communicate with. He is lazy, does not really care for his studies and basically wastes his days sweet-talking and courting girls, and enjoying life. But there’s one girl whom he is truly in love with, Na Hye-ryun. Na Hye-ryun is pretty but cold and unkind. She comes from a wealthy family, and she in turn is in love with a close family friend of comparable background, Yoo Dong-joon.

Nam Jung-eun is Hye-ryun’s high school classmate. Her father is a policeman, and her mother has a house full of children to take care. Jung-eun was not very clever in school and did not make it to a university, and is currently unemployed (she delivers newspapers during her spare time), and looking for a job. She does not have very high self-esteem as her mother constantly puts her down. But Jung-eun yearns to gain her independence by moving out on her own, and fulfilling her dreams (although she does not really know what her dreams are for the moment). Kyung-min and Jung-eun had an unpleasant first meeting in the university library. (Jung-eun borrowed Hye-ryun’s student card to make use of the facilities of the library to prepare for employment exams) When Kyung-min found out that Jung-eun is Hye-ryun’s friend, he tries to befriend her and be exceptionally nice to Jung-eun to score points with Hye-ryun.

Jung-eun’s plan to move out is foiled by her brother, who squanders all the savings that she had put aside. Kyung-min makes use of the opportunity to win Jung-eun over by agreeing to lend her money to pay for the rent and enthusiastically helps Jung-eun in her move. Jung-eun is grateful for Kyung-min’s “kind” gestures, and develops a crush on Kyung-min. Jung-eun makes a lunch box for Kyung-min, but is stood up as he is called away by Hye-ryun. Jung-eun finds out from Kyung-min’s friends that Kyung-min is buttering up to her because of Hye-ryun. A disappointed Jung-eun meets Doon-joon in a park, and offers him Kyung-min’s lunch box as she does not want to waste food. As they each sit on separate benches, Jung-eun cries as she eats her lunch box, and Doon-joon is amused by her strange behaviour. But Kyung-min’s plan does not work out as expected, as Jung-eun and Hye-ryun are not really that close. He tries to ask Hye-ryun to be his girlfriend, but is refused. Dejected and unhappy, he goes back to his apartment only to be greeted by loan sharks hounding him for gambling debts that he has chalked up. Shamelessly, he decides to take refuge at Jung-eun’s roof-top apartment and justifies his stake on the apartment with the deposit he lent Jung-eun. Jung-eun is unhappy with Kyung-min for barging into her new life, but is helpless against his shameless tactics. Kyung-min and Jung-eun begin their life under the same roof.

Kyung-min borrows money from Jung-eun to buy a necklace for Hye-ryun. Hye-ryun in turn gives the necklace to him. Upset with what Kyung-min has done, she kicks him out of the apartment. Kyung-min tries to get money from his grandfather to pay off his debts and is flatly refused. Left with nowhere to go he has to go back to Jung-eun’s apartment to beg her to let him stay. Initially Jung-eun refuses, but when she finds him the next morning sleeping at her doorstep, covered with newspaper, she feels sorry for him and lets him come back. On Jung-eun’s birthday, she is asked to go for an interview with an advertising agency. To thank Jung-eun for taking him back, Kyung-min offers to make dinner for her to celebrate when she returns from her interview. Hye-ryun looks for Doon-joon at the office, and is abruptly told by him not to visit him at the office for non-official matter. Upset with Doon-joon’s treatment, Hye-ryun decides to get back at him by using Kyung-min. She calls Kyung-min to attend a grand party. Kyung-min is so excited by the invite that he forgets about the dinner he has promised Jung-eun, and even steals from Jung-eun’s money plate to buy a nice pair of shoes to go with his suit. Unfortunately, Hye-ryun ignores Kyung-min for most part of the party, and even kisses Doon-joon in front of him. Hurt by Hye-ryun, he leaves the party. Jung-eun did not have a great day at the interview either. She interviewed at Doon-joon’s company, and was embarrassed by Doon-joon when he tried to communicate with her in English (because Jung-eun claimed that she knows 5 languages, to stand out from the other interviewees). The 2 rejected souls console each other, and after some beer, end up in bed.

Kyung-min decides to run away from the mess (which starts a constant pattern of moving in and out of Jung-eun’s apartment), and as he wanders around campus with his suitcase, he bumps into the loan sharks. When Jung-eun finds Kyung-min, he has already been beaten up. Jung-eun manages to fight off the offenders and takes Kyung-min back. He lies to her that the debts were a result of family problems. Feeling sorry for him, Jung-eun agrees to let him stay till after his exams, forget about the one-night-stand and remain as friends. In the meantime, Hye-ryun asks Doon-joon to be her boyfriend, but is rejected.

Jung-eun receives a call from the advertising agency to report for work. She's so happy with the call, but later realised that it is only a temporary position in Doon-joon’s department. Although she is extremely disappointed with the position, she tries her best to deliver the work assigned to her. Doon-joon finds that Jung-eun has good potential, and tries to give her learning opportunities and pointers on the job.

As the story progresses, Kyung-min starts to have emotional attachment for Jung-eun. However, he is not sure whether it is love. His affection for her is confirmed when Doon-joon begins to woo Jung-eun. But their delicate relationship is strained when Jung-eun’s father finds out about their cohabiting relationship. When pushed by Jung-eun’s father about marriage, he panicks and replies that he has no intentions of marrying Jung-eun. Although Jung-eun forgives Kyung-min for his insensitive actions and continues to love and support him, the final straw comes when she finds out that Kyung-min lied about his examinations results so that she will pity him and take him in after his exams are over. Jung-eun feets that she has failed her father in her choice to be with such a selfish person who pulls quick stunts to meet only his personal needs, never sparing a thought for her and her family.

At the same time, Doon-joon offers Jung-eun an opportunity to take up the company scholarship to study in the UK. Jung-eun accepts and leaves with Doon-joon, leaving Kyung-min in Korea…….


  • Kim Rae Won as Lee Kyung Min (Kevin Lee)
  • Jung Da Bin as Nam Jung Eun (Noreen Han)
  • Choi Jung Yoon as Hye Ryun (Denise)
  • Lee Hyun Woo as Yoo Dong-joon (Dominic)
  • Jang Yong as Nam Sang-sik (Jung Eun's dad)
  • Kim Ja Ok as Kim Soon-duk (Jung-eun's mom)
  • Bong Tae Kyu as Nam Jung-woo (Jung-eun's first younger brother)
  • Kim Mu-saeng as Lee Pil-deuk (Kyung-min's grandfather)
  • Kang Boo Ja as Lee Kyung-hee (Kyung-min's grandmother)


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