Batch '81

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Batch '81

Batch '81.jpg
Directed by Mike de Leon
Written by Ricardo Lee
Starring Mark Gil
Sandy Andolong
Ward Luarca
Noel Trinidad
Distributed by MVP Pictures
Release date(s) 1982
Running time 100 mins.
Country Flag of the PhilippinesPhilippines
Language Tagalog
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Batch '81 is a dramatic movie directed by Mike de Leon which uses the school fraternity as a symbol for Filipino life and mentality.



Batch '81 follows the experiences of seven neophytes who are seeking acceptance into the Alpha Kappi Omega fraternity. One of the neophytes, Sid Lucero, tells the story through his eyes. For six monthes, the neophytes go through mental and physical humiliation through their "masters."

After initiation, the neophytes become the new masters of each new batch of applicants, falling prey to the vicious cycle of pointless violence.


The film tackled the degrading effects of martial law on the sensibility of the Filipino populace through the portrayal of insane violence in a fraternity initiations. Therefore, although it was meant to be released in 1981, in keeping with the title, the movie's release was postponed by the producer Marichu Maceda because she wanted to avoid censorship of violent scenes and criticisms on the reality of martial law.

The film, however, was saved through the intervention of Imee Marcos, daughter of President Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos. Imee held a premiere of the movie at a posh Manila theatre. Because of that premiere, the film gained worldwide attention and was consequently shown at the Cannes Film Festival in 1982.





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