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For other uses of the term "feng shui", see Feng Shui (disambiguation).

Feng Shui is a 2004 horror movie from the Philippines starring Kris Aquino about an old bagua mirror that showers luck and prosperity to its owner (Aquino) and brings death to those near her.



Joy (Aquino) found the bagua on a bus when its owner left it. Ever since she got the bagua, she became very lucky and prosperous.

Joy becomes worried because ever since she found the bagua, mysterious deaths began happening around her. It is later found that whoever looks into the mirror of the bagua will die and the subsequent death will result from an an animal in the Chinese calendar depending on what year the victim was born.

Curse of the Bagua Mirror

According to a wise man in the movie, the bagua belongs to a woman in China whose family was very prosperous. Not until the communists came, the woman's family left her when the communists burned the house they were living in. The woman got her foot bound lotus feet thats why she cannot run. The woman was trapped in the house and was burned alive. It is said the she was hugging the bagua before dying and made a curse that whoever see's himself from the bagua will die. She is known as the Lotus Lady in the film.

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