List of Criminal Cases in the Philippines

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Human nature being what it is, crimes do happen even in the most peaceful places. Whenever a violent or especially grisly crime hits the headlines, people wonder what causes other people to commit crimes. Defining the criminal mind is not an exact science; until now, there is no single comprehensive explanation for why people commit crimes.<ref name="test1">The Crime Library. Bad To The Bone by Mark Gado, an article on the evolution of theories on the causes of crime and criminal behavior (accessed November 24, 2007).</ref>

People who commit crimes come from different backgrounds, lifestyle and social status. Some of them become well-known because of media exposure, which is either because of the identity or family background of the suspect or the victim, or the nature of the crime committed. Here is a list of some of the people in the Philippines who have become suspects and/or accused and/or convicted in criminal cases, then and now.

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Cause Célèbres

This lists the persons accused and/or convicted in cases that became cause célèbres. Their names have become familiar to the general public due to media exposure about the cases in which they were involved.

Philippine National Police Most Wanted List

This lists persons who are on the Most Wanted List of the Philippine National Police (PNP) for 2006.<ref name="test2">Philippine National Police website. PNP Most Wanted List for 2006 (accessed November 24, 2010).</ref>

National Bureau of Investigation Most Wanted List

This lists persons who are on the Most Wanted list of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI).


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