Luksong Tinik

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Luksong Tinik -two teams of equal number of players; each team electing a leader, usually one who can jump the highest. This is called the mother.

Players decide on which team to play first. Two players serve as the base of the tinik by putting their right/left feet together (soles touching gradually building tinik). A starting point is set by all the players giving enough runway for the players. Players of the other team start jumping the tinik followed by the other team members.

If they all successfully jump without touching any of the feet of the base players, the next degree of difficulty is done next. The base players then extend their right/left hands one on top of the other (fingers spread apart to symbolize thorns). The other team continues the same jumping process until the base players have used all their feet and hands and as long as none of the jumping team member's clothes, foot or any part of the body touch the tinik. Should this happen, the jumping team's leader or mother gets to jump to redeem the other player who missed the earlier jump. If the leader misses that jump, the teams exchange places and the game starts anew.

VARIATION: A piece of straight stick may be used instead of building up the tinik with the hands and feet. In this case, the stick is held by two players from the other team. As each jumping member successfully jumps over the stick, the height of the stick is rasied to increase the difficulty. If a member misses or fails to clear the stick's height, the two teams exchange places.




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