Maria Mercedes

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Maria Mercedes is a novel written by Agustin C. Fabian and published in 1953. It tells the story of a husband and a wife who are separated by infidelity, revenge and indignation, but are reunited by time, forgiveness and love for a child.


It tells the story of two couples: Daniel and Natalia, and Artemio and Maria Mercedes. Natalia secretly cheats on Daniel with Artemio. Daniel finds out and seeks revenge. He threatens to create a scandal and destroy Artemio's good name if his condition are not met: that Daniel take away Artemio's wife as a replacement for Natalia, and that their child Ana be put in the care of Artemio's father, Don Ambrosio.

Daniel and Maria Mercedes became close and live under one roof for many years without touching each other. Eventually, Artemio and Natalia die. Maria Mercedes can't bear to tell Ana about her feelings toward Daniel, or why she and Ana had to live apart all those years. Daniel faces Ana to reveal what happened in the past.




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