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Reverend Father. Mariano Gómez was born on the 2 of August,1799 in the suburb of Sta. Cruz, Manila. His parents were Francisco Gomez and Martina Guard. After studying in the Colegio de San Juan de Letrán, he took theology in the University of Santo Tomás.

On June 2, 1824, he was designated the head priest of Bacoor, Cavite, aside from taking care of of the spiritual necessities of the church of the town, he also taught to the agriculture and cottage industry. He also helped in maintaining a harmonious relation with his other priests. It fought for the rights of the Philippine priests against the Spanish abuses of friars.

The P. Gomez was accused of treason, sedition, and taking active part in the armed revolution of Civite and given the sentence of death in a miliary court . He was sent to jail along with Fr. Jose Burgos, Fr. Jacinto Zamora, Joaquin Pardo de Tavera and Maximo Paterno.and were executed on February 17.1872. They were more known as the three Filipino martyrs Gomburza. Father Gomez was active in the publication of the newspaper "La Verdad"("The Truth"). This paper served as a voice of the propagandists the Philippines against the Spanish colonizesers. In the presence of a multitude people Father Gomez was put under the garrotte in Bagumbayan on 17 February, 1872.


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