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Genre Fantasy, Drama
Starring Claudine Barretto
Joel Torre
Snooky Serna
Malou de Guzman
Cherie Gil
Meryll Soriano etc.
Country of origin Philippines
Running time 30 minutes
Original channel ABS-CBN
Original run February, 2004 – November, 2004

Marina was the first fantasy series, a telefantasya, of Philippine media conglomerate ABS-CBN. It was first aired on February 2004, starring "Teleserye Queen" Claudine Barretto.



Marina takes the viewer on the fairytale adventures of the mermaid Marina. Marina was born as Cristina, the daughter of her human parents Esther and Elias. A normal child in all respects, Marina falls victim to a curse by Victoria, a sea deity masquerading as a normal woman who seeks her vengeance over Elias through his daughter. Hoping that Victoria would lift her curse on the child if Elias comes back to her, Elias leaves Esther to raise Cristina alone. When the curse becomes true and the child turns into a mermaid on her seventh birthday, Esther realizes that Cristina life would be in danger in their superstitious, parochial fishing village, where mermaids are believed to be unlucky. As such, Esther abandons Cristina in the sea, where the child learns to hate her mother. Eventually, Cristina is found by Istah, the beauteous queen of the mermaids.

Having the heart and mind of a human being, Marina dreams of nothing else but to walk again and live the life that was taken away from her. This is only possible through Dugong. The mermaid seeks the help of Istah, who gives Marina her precious necklace to be offered to Dugong in exchange for her legs.

She becomes human again and returns to land to claim everything she has lost. But she will soon discover that when the moon is full, she becomes a mermaid again. Only true love's first kiss can free her from the curse.

However, all seems well when, at the eve of Marina 25th birthday, Viktoria and her daughter Luna made a surprise visit to give her niece her "gift". She made Marina fell for her trap as the birthday girl was placed under the power of the Aram. The Aram turned Marina once again as a mermaid and Viktoria went off her way.

Viktoria went to the local town's circus and made the poor mermaid the star attraction of the circus. Rodge wants to rescue her love but Luna place him under a curse, turning him into a kitten. weventually with the help of her newfound friends, Marina was able to get away from Viktoria's clutches and eventually found her way into another fishing town, to a family of fairies.

The King of the Seas ordered to have Viktoria and Luna arrested and placed inside a force field prison for them not to get away. Marina, on teh other hand was now able to live her life as a human when she married Rodge and was now pregnant.

All things seems well excpet for Viktoria. She wants to give revenge to the people of foiled her evil plans. She had heard of a meteorite stone that, once in the hands of its owner, can give out an enormous power. She escaped from her prison and got her hands on one of the stones that fell that night. By using its power, the evil witch had Luna and Marina switch places, with the latter's unborn child now under Luna's womb.

One day, Marina woke up and found herself inside a prison and the shokoy guards calling her "Luna". She eventually come into conclusion that Viktoria will not rest unless she gets her way. By the help of many of her friends who see her as Marina beyond what they physically see, they were able to break Viktoria's spell, although Marina's child was still inside Luna's womb (in later episode, Luna gave birth to Marina and Rodge's baby girl who seems to be inheriting Marina's curse).

Viktoria still won't give up, that's why she had Marina killed but on the cost of her life. Marina's mother's began having dreams for which Marina is talking to her to get the Leafar, a magical liquid that can resurrect the dead. But Viktoria was able to get into the gate connecting the world of of the afterlife and the world of living, standing Marina in between. Ester was surprise to see that who she had resurrected was not her daughter but the ever evil witch.

Marina, lost bin between the two worlds got help from her father, who is now a spirit. The only way to revive herself again to finally defeat Viktoria was to return herself into mermaid once more.

Eventually, she was able to defeat Viktoria but the cost of it, her last chance of being human forever. She gave her child under the care of Luna and told her to take care of her child as well as her husband, Rodge. Marina, now forever a mermaid for eternity, bid goodbye to Rodge and their child and returned once more into the ocean.


Cast and characters

Human characters

  • Esther - The mother of Marina and the wife of Elias, who is cursed her child when she is pregnant played by Snooky Serna.
  • Elias - The Father of Marina who got lost his memory and become crazy played by Joel Torre.
  • Pilar - The best friend of Esther and the only person who knows all the secrets of Esther and Marina played by 'Debraliz.
  • Sheila - Marina's Best friend and she is the daughter of Dugong played by Agot Isidro.
  • Raphael - The husband of Sheila played by Bobby Andrews
  • Isabel - The daughter of Pilar and was cursed by a nasty spell and become a monkey played by Pauleen Luna.
  • Carlitos - A son of a fisherman and the lover of Isabel played by Gabb Drilon.
  • Lorelei - A crazy woman who care Elias when he become crazy played by Eugene Domingo.
  • Rodge - the true love of Marina and he has the "Halik ng tunay na pag-ibig", when Marina kissed him, the curse to Marina will be broken played by Raphael Rosell
  • Pinggoy - A man who also fall in love to Marina and a great swimmer played by Onemig Bondoc.


  • Marina - She was cursed by his father's lover named Victoria. When she was 8 years old, she became a mermaid and her mother had to bring her to the ocean and there she met other mermaids played by Claudine Barretto.
  • Nanay Istah - She is the Queen of all the mermaids and she is the one who cared Marina when Marina is still young up to she get old played by Sunshine Cruz.
  • Quiana - She is a mermaid friend of Marina and she is the one who killed Isabel's father because of her deal with Dugong played by Mauoi David.
  • Vyxia - also a Mermaid friend of Marina, played by Jenny Miller.

Other creatures

  • Ninja - A turtle-like creature and a friend of Marina. Marina and him become friends when they've met in the Circus played by Mura.
  • Pearly - A gay shokoy and a slave of Dugong. He became a slave of Dugong when Dugong were looking for a man to victim and she thaught Pearly was a man played by Tsokoleit.
  • Lirio - The prince of the male mermaids and he have a love interest to Marina played by Diether Ocampo.
  • Tandang Ella - She is the mother of Dugong, she hates bad people so that she is making Victoria stop in every bad things she do and she has the power of Earth.


  • Victoria - The main villain in the story, she fall in love to Elias but Elias married Esther and when she heard about this, she cursed Elias and Esther's child, and she is the one who has the power of Air played by Cherie Gil.
  • Luna - She is the daughter, In truth Luna is not a bad person but Victoria is poisoning her mind to become ba, she has the power of Fire played by Meryll Soriano.
  • Dugong - A sea creature who is very powerful, She is the Queen of the sea and she is Victoria's cousin and she is the one who give Marina feet to walk, She has the power of Water played by Malou de Guzman.
  • Gurruto - A king of a group of black people who wants to marry Esther but Esther doesn't like to marry him, so that Gurrutto is bring her to their dark world.
  • Tutubina - She hates Marina because her crush Pinggoy have a love interest with Marina and not to her so she told to one of her Dragonflies to control the mind of Pinggoy by going inside his mouth.

Magical things

  • Aram - the magical weapon of Victoria , She use this to make bad thing to Marina, The Aram is his hidden in a small chest.
  • Latigo ni Luna - this thing is Luna's, The other powers of the Aram is in here.
  • Kwintas ni Dugong - This is a necklace that is full of stones and every stone of the necklace has a power
  • Batong Otab - This is a stone that when you look in here you will see everything you want to see just like a crystal ball, this thing belongs to Istah.
  • Batong Malong - This is the only stone that can defeat Dugong but this stones are in the eyes of Sheila.
  • Leafar - This is a Magical liquid that can make dead alive again.


The making

Three mermaid tails were made for Claudine Barretto to play her character, Marina: two for the water and one for land. The ones for the water were heavy for the actress to wear, and sometimes required four to six people to carry her. The one tail made for land was not as difficult on the actress: she was able to move, and was able to take it off if she needed to.

Production crew


  • Wenn de Ramas
  • Andoy Ranay


  • Keiko Aquino


  • Agnes Gagilonia-Uligan


This show started the "Fantaserye" (Fantasy series) mania in the Philippines. But since Mulawin was aired on its rival GMA7, Marina flopped on its ratings. The pilot episode of Mulawin was 33% against Marina 35%, but Mulawin later rose to 38% and Marina fell to 28%.

Marina: Pilot Episode: 41.7% Highest Rating Garnered: 47.2% Lowest Rating Garnered: 25% Final Episode Rating: 35%


  • Already a good swimmer before the show, Claudine Barretto still took a diving course before taping started. Her role required her to swim up to 60 ft. underwater, which reportedly caused her ears to ache.
  • Claudine Barretto's double, certified diver Patty Lopez, used a mermaid tail similar in color and material to the one used by Claudine, except that Claudine's tail was smaller. Lopez was also later offered the role of the mermaid Neptuna on the series.
  • Marina will reunite Claudine with director Wenn Deramas, who directed her in such unforgettable projects as Mula sa Puso, Saan Ka Man Naroroon, Sa Dulo ng Walang Hanggan and Buttercup, as well as gifted young director Andoy Ranay.


Sheryn Regis was chosen to sing the theme song of the series, a song composed by Raul Mitra and Cacai Velasquez-Mitra entitled "Kailan Kaya," which later became a big hit as part of Sheryn's debut album under Star Records, Come In Out of the Rain.


Kailan kaya


Lagi na lang nag-iisa

Lagi na lang nalulumbay

Umaasang sana may magmahal

Hanggang kailan kaya akong maghihintay

Kailan kaya puso ay iibig

Kailan kaya matitikman ng isang halik

Kailan kaya madarama ang isang paglalambing

Nais malaman, Nais maramdaman

Kailan kaya


Sana ngayon naghihintay

Sana ngayon ay masaya

Iibigin mo kaya ang isang tulad ko

Hanggang parangarap nang iba at lahat nang ito

Kailan kaya puso ay iibig

Kailan kaya matitikman ang isang halik

Kailan kaya madarama ang isang paglalambing

Nais malaman, Nais maramdaman

Kailan kaya

Kailan kaya puso ay iibig

Kailan kaya matitikman ang isang halik

Kailan kaya madarama ang isang paglalambing

Nais malaman, Nais maramdaman

Kailan kaya


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