Once Upon a Time in Manila

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Once Upon A Time in Manila
OUATIM-poster Philippines.jpg
Directed by Tony Y. Reyes
Starring Vic Sotto
Cynthia Luster
Gloria Sevilla
Val Sotto
Lary Silva
Yoyong Martirez
Ritchie Reyes
Romy Diaz
Charlie Davao
Protacio Dee
Ever Etafo
Cinematography Joe Tutanes
Release date(s) 1994
Country Philippines
Budget about P70,000,000
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Vic Sotto plays a barangay tanod who's always in the nick of time in saving the local folks from dangerous situations. Cynthia Luster is Lt. Cynthia Wang, a Hongkong Policewoman on the look-out for Nikita, an infamous gang leader. Amparo Lagman (played by Gloria Sevilla), who works as a domestic helper, becomes the target of Nikita's gang as some important documents and papers become her custody.

A game of cat-and-mouse ensues as Nikita follows Amparo to the Philippines, and Lt. Cynthia Wang also takes part in the hunt.




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