Oro, Plata, Mata

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Oro, Plata, Mata

First four minutes of the acclaimed Peque Gallaga film.

Oro plata mata.jpg
Directed by Peque Gallaga
Written by Jose Javier Reyes
Peque Gallaga
Music by Jose Gentica
Cinematography Rody Lacap
Distributed by Experimental Cinema of the Philippines
Release date(s) 1982
Running time 195 mins.
Country Flag of the Philippines Philippines
Language Tagalog
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Oro, Plata, Mata is a multi-awarded and critically-acclaimed Philippine film directed by Peque Gallaga. Set during World War II, it tells of the changing fortunes of aristocratic families from the province of Negros.



The film specifically revolves around two haciendero clans , the Ojedas and the Lorenzos, and how they were able to survive the physical and psychological scars of war. The film is segmented into three sub-stories, highlighting the families' intertwining lives, associations, and affairs during three critical periods. The "Oro" part paints the life of comfort and luxury of the Negros elite before the war, zooming in on the blooming relationship between Trining Ojeda (played by Cherie Gil) and Miguel Lorenzo (played by Joel Torre). The "Plata" section presents their life during the tumultuous Japanese Occupation, when the Ojedas were forced to take refuge with the Lorenzos in the latter's hacienda. In the "Mata" potion, the two families move further into the forest and find themselves victimized by bandits. Eventually, Miguel grows up to become a maniacal killer while Trining joins the terrorizing group of bandits.


  • Manny Ojeda as Don Claudio Ojeda
  • Liza Lorena as Nena Ojeda
  • Sandy Andolong as Maggie Ojeda
  • Cherie Gil as Trining Ojeda
  • Fides Cuyugan-Asensio as Inday Lorenzo
  • Joel Torre as Miguel Lorenzo
  • Mitch Valdez as Jo Russel
  • Lorli Villanueva as Viring Ravillo
  • Ronnie Lazaro as Hermes Mercurio
  • Abbo De La Cruz as Melchor
  • Mely Mallari as Estrella
  • Agustin Gatia as Lucio
  • Mary Walter as Yaya Tating
  • Robert Antonio as Carlos Placido
  • Carmelo Sta. Maria as Milo
  • Wilbert Cardenas as Tibo
  • Noel Soriano as Termiong
  • Kuh Ledesma as Diwata
  • Gigi Duenas as Maring
  • Ben Morro as Japanese Soldier
  • Jeffrey Valdesas Tulisan Soldier
  • Benny Warden as American Officer
  • Jaime Fabregas as Minggoy
  • Ricardo Gallaga as Pascual
  • Jode Castillo as Danding
  • Manny Castaneda as Emilio
  • Andoni Alonso as Ramon
  • Annie Marie Ledesma as Elena
  • Chita Castillo as Inez
  • Ma. Teresa Urra as Naty
  • Mona Lisa as Lola Desta
  • Peter Garcia as Bobby
  • Jed Arboleda as Tommy
  • Chichona Saiz as Sister Carmen
  • Luis Clauor as Bishop
  • Jose Javier Reyes as Chinese Cook
  • Odo Abaquin as Ramon's friend
  • Nonoy Rio as Elena's husband


Year Result Award Category/Recipient
1983 won Film Academy of the Philippines Award Best Production Design (Don Escudero and Rodell Cruz) and Best Supporting Actress (Liza Lorena)
1983 won Gawad Urian Award Best Cinematography (Rody Lacap), Best Editing (Peque Gallaga), Best Music (Toto Gentica), Best Picture, Best Production Design (Rodell Cruz and Don Escudero), and Best Sound (Ramon Reyes)
1983 nominated Gawad Urian Award Best Actor (Joel Torre), Best Editing (Jess Navarro) and Best Screenplay (Jose Javier Reyes), Best Supporting Actor (Ronnie Lazaro), Best Supporting Actor (Manny Ojeda), and Best Supporting Actress (Liza Lorena and Mitch Valdez)


Full Trailer Launch

September 26, 1982 over BBC 2, MBS 4, RPN 9 and IBC 13 and over DWWW Radyo Ronda 1380, DWWA Banahaw Radio 1206, DWIM MBS Radyo Pilipino (now Radyo ng Bayan) 104.3 and DWKB 89.1 at 11:45 am.


  • At the time, a clown or magician and all guest to sing "Happy Birthday" while all counting down from 10 to 1 and all singing their birthday song.




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