Pagadian City

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City of Pagadian
Ph locator zamboanga del sur pagadian.png
Region Zamboanga Peninsula (Region IX)
Province Zamboanga del Sur (capital)
Mayor Samuel "Sammy" S. Co
Barangays 54
Physical characteristics
Area 333.8 km²
Total (2000) 142,515
Density 426.9/km²

Pagadian City is a 1st class city in the province of Zamboanga del Sur, Philippines. It is the capital city of the province, and the regional center of the Zamboanga Peninsula. According to the 2000 census, it has a population of 142,515 people in 28,027 households. It is nicknamed the "little Hong Kong of the South".



Pagadian City is politically subdivided into 54 barangays.

  • Alegria
  • Balangasan (Pob.)
  • Balintawak
  • Baloyboan
  • Banale
  • Bogo
  • Bomba
  • Buenavista
  • Bulatok
  • Bulawan
  • Dampalan
  • Danlugan
  • Dao
  • Datagan
  • Deborok
  • Ditoray
  • Dumagoc
  • Gatas (Pob.)
  • Gubac
  • Gubang
  • Kagawasan
  • Kahayagan
  • Kalasan
  • Kawit
  • La Suerte
  • Lala
  • Lapidian
  • Lenienza
  • Lizon Valley
  • Lourdes
  • Lower Sibatang
  • Lumad
  • Lumbia
  • Macasing
  • Manga
  • Muricay
  • Napolan
  • Palpalan
  • Pedulonan
  • Poloyagan
  • San Francisco (Pob.)
  • San Jose (Pob.)
  • San Pedro (Pob.)
  • Santa Lucia (Pob.)
  • Santa Maria
  • Santiago (Pob.)
  • Santo Niño
  • Tawagan Sur
  • Tiguma
  • Tuburan (Pob.)
  • Tulangan
  • Tulawas
  • Upper Sibatang
  • White Beach


A view of the fishermans shore in Pagadian

A former barrio of the municipal district of Labangan in the old province of Zamboanga, Pagadian was organized into a regular municipality on March 23, 1937, by virtue of Executive Order No. 77.

Pagadian was converted into chartered city on June 21, 1969 by virtue of Republic Act No. 5478, otherwise known as the Charter of the City of Pagadian. Benjamin F. Arao was the first mayor of the city. In 1990, during the administration of President Corazon C. Aquino, the regional center of Region IX was proposed for transfer ot Pagadian, yet this proposal cannot be pushed through. However, in 2004, President Gloria Arroyo ordered all offices to be transferred to Pagadian with the exception of regional branches of Department of Tourism, Department of Labor and Employment and Department of Trade and Industry, which will be retained in Zamboanga.

Pagadian city may be aimed to become one of the most important hubs in the south following the controversial regional transfer from Zamboanga City. Many people in Zamboanga City felt that the timing of the move was an attempt to punish Zamboanga City for not supporting the presidential campaign of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. Others questioned the move because Zamboanga City has a much larger population and has direct air links with Davao, Cebu, Manila, and Malaysia. Zamboanga City is the commercial and transportation hub of Western Mindanao. Furthermore, analysts see the P2 billion pricetag of the move to be prohibitive in an era of belt tightening. Another sources stated that the transfer of the regional center to Pagadian would make Zamboanga the center of business and trade. Yet in early 2006, the regional transfer to Pagadian was reportedly blocked by the city's congressional body for its reasons: Zamboanga will be divided into two congressional districts effective May 2007, and the population of Zamboanga is about to reach 1,000,000 residents from Limpapa in the West Coast, to Licomo in the east coast.


Situated on the northeastern side of the region, Pagadian City is the gateway to Zamboanga del Sur, the largest province of Western Mindanao. It is also a point of entry to the cities of Ozamis, Iligan and Cotabato. Its rolling terrain encompassing both commercial and residential districts, reminiscent of the famous Crown Colony, has earned for it the sobriquet Little Hongkong of the South. Pagadian City has a total land area of 331.6 square kilometers with 54 barangays.

Natural attractions

  • Dao Dao Island- A Big island has an area of 1.1057 hectares and is a 7-10 minute ride by motorboat from the seaport. It has artificial coral reefs and is ideal for swimming, boating and fishing.
  • White Beach- A stretch of white sand beach just five minutes via motorboat southeast of the seaport. Clear, deep, blue waters (even at low tide) are ideal for swimming and diving.
  • Pulacan Falls- Found in the town of Labangan, 12 km. from Pagadian City, and covering an area of 400 square meters.

It is the source of water for the Labangan irrigation system. Two kilometers from the area is the 134-hectare Home Defense Center. The falls can be reached easily by any motor vehicle. With the opening of the PADAP road, Pulacan Falls became a beautiful camping and picinic site. It now has a permanent Boy and Girl Scout site with facilities and has been the location of regional and provincial jamborees.

  • Muricay Beach- Located in barangay Muricay, just a little over 4 km. from the city proper, the white sand beach is available for swimming but is as yet undeveloped. Mangrove tracts and seaweed plantations are nearby.
  • Bomba Beach- Located in barangay Bomba, about 2 km. from Pagadian proper, available for fishing and swimming with a bomba bridge and shed as well as a coral reef. Under study for development.
  • Poloyagan Beach- Rocky beach with coral reef, also under study. About km. from Pagadian proper.
  • Lourdes Hot and Cold Spring- Natural hot springs at barangay Lourdes, about 32 km. northwest from the urban area. This is tapped by the Pagadian City Water District as a piped water source for barangay Kagawasan.
  • Lison Valley Waterfalls- Barangay Lison Valley boasts of these falls (about 42 km. northwest of Pagadian proper) with a height of about 20-25 meters. Its spherical-shaped basin, 20 meters in diameter, with cool and invigorating water is ideal for picnic. Located in sitio Santa Lucia, about 18 km. from Lison proper, the area is ringed by verdant greenery, giant ferns, orchids and moss-covered rocks as well as lime and marble stones. It overlooks ricefields and Chocolate Hill lookalikes.
  • Lourdes Waterfalls- Also located at barangay Lourdes, about 32 km. from Pagadian proper. Ideal for bathing.
  • Manga Falls- Located in barangay Manga, just 7 km. from the Pagadian poblacion. This is a two-layered cascading fall surrounded by huge trees which are home to white monkeys. Still under study.
  • Mt. Palpalan- This is the promontory within the Pagadian City area on whose apex are located the transmitters of major commercial communication systems. About 30 minutes of steep climbing from the boundary of Pagadian City and Dumalinao municipality along the Pagadian-Zamboanga national highway. From 684 feet above sea level, Mt. Palpalan gives a sweeping vista of urban Pagadian City, neighboring municipalities, and the deep blue waters of Pagadian Bay.
  • Mt. Susong Dalaga- Found in barangay Lourdes, 32 km. from Pagadian proper and 10 km. from the barangay center, Susong Dalaga is a semi-perfect cone with good forest cover. It can be reached by horseback.
  • Mt. Pinokis- This one's in barangay Lison Valley, 42 km. from the Pagadian poblacion. Mt Pinokis is 2 km. from Mt. Susong Dalaga as 12 km. from barangay Lourdes. The mountain features virgin forests inhabited by monkeys and gorillas. It can also be reached by horseback and is now under study for development.
  • Bulatoc Hill- Situated at barangay Bogo, only 4 km. from Pagadian proper. The hill is haven to agricultural land and offers a panoramic view of Pagadian Bay.
  • Kendis Cave- About 14 km. from Pagadian poblacion and 5 km. from barangay Ditoray. Kendis Cave is an open-end cave with plants and vegetation. Has large overhead crevices with two interior chambers. Can be reached on horseback and currently under study.
  • Manga Cave- Twin caves along the two-layered Manga waterfalls. Currently under study.
  • Ditoray Waterfalls- This is 14 km. from the Pagadian poblacion and 5 km. from the center of barangay Ditoray. Large stones ring the falls.

How can you reach Pagadian?

  • Plane- Pagadian City has direct flights to the Capital of the Philippines, Manila City. Every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, a BAE 146 plane of Asian Spirit Airlines offers the flights from Pagadian City to Manila City.

The best value route is to fly Cebu Pacific from Dipolog City taking the bus route. Cagayan is a good route but require a long Taxi ride from bus terminal.

  • Bus- It has direct bus trips from Pagadian City to any key cities and municipalities in Mindanao like Davao, Zamboanga, Dipolog, Dapitan, Cagayan de Oro and many more.
  • Ferry Boat- It offers vessel trips to Zamboanga City and Cotabato City.

The best route from Manila is Ozamiz City and take bus to Pagadian.

Places to Eat

  • Greenhouse Fishing Station and Restaurant
  • Sunburst Restaurant
  • Pinchik Restaurant
  • Kamayan sa Pagadian. Chicken Ati-Atihan.
  • Jollibee Pagadian
  • Chowking Pagadian
  • Chuckles
  • Dunkin Donuts Pagadian
  • Peoples Plaza Food Court
  • Night Market
  • Andy's Food House
  • KG Food Haven
  • KJ Food Junction
  • INKS
  • Sams Fastfood
  • Pidros Lechon Manok
  • JB's Inato
  • Sunflower Coffee Shop
  • Little Italy Coffee Shop
  • Golda's Kaffe
  • Liga City (Kusina Lakambini)
  • Djangos Bar and Restaurant
  • Muzeo Restolounge and Bar
  • Avenue Foodland
  • Guiller Cafe


There are a few hotels in Pagadian, but no international hotels. The hotels that could be called tourist class include:

  • Hotel Guillermo, Rizal Ave.; Coffeeshop, restaurant and nightly entertainment Business Hotel, accredited by DOT Accreditation no. TE-SH2-18-2006. August 28, 2006. Tel.: (6362)2141479
  • New Roxanne Hotel, Pajares Ave.; single, double air conditioned rooms. Restaurant on ground level. Tel.: (6362)2141683
  • Hotel Camila, J Ariosa St.; Restaurant on ground level. Tel.: (6362)2142934

There is also a resort slightly out of town in Tuburan:

  • Springland Resort, National Hwy, Tuburan; restaurant and pool on grounds. Tel.: (6362)2141881 or (6362)2142992

in springland there are life guard:uncle jerma,toto ,marlon.there also washer like aunt nelly.the


  • Napsallys is on the main street from the bus terminal. Basic service and friendly staff.


There is only one major shopping mall or department store in Pagadian: Peoples Mart Plaza on Pajares Avenue. It is dominated by the Peoples Mart department store with a food plaza and grocery store on the ground level, and a book store on the top level. There are also several shops in the vicinity including a recently (as of late 2005) opened Bench store.

Elementary Schools

  • Balangasan Elem. School
  • Pagadian City Pilot School
  • Dumagoc Elementary School
  • Sto Niño Elementary School
  • San Pedro Elementary School
  • Sta. Lucia Elementary School
  • Napolan Elementary School
  • Camp Abelon Elementary School
  • Sta. Maria Elementary School
  • Pagadian City Chamber School
  • Santiago Elementary School

Secondary Schools

  • Saint Columban High School
  • Holy Child Academy
  • SMC Annex High School
  • Pagadian City National High School
  • PJC High School
  • Zamboanga del Sur National High School
  • ZSSAT High School
  • Good Shephered High School


  • Southern Mindanao Colleges
  • Saint Columban College
  • Zamboanga del Sur Maritime Institute of Technology
  • Pagadian Institute of Technology
  • Eastern Mindanao College of Technology
  • Medina College
  • Pagadian Capitol College
  • STI Pagadian
  • Western Mindanao State University-External Studies Unit (ESU)
  • J.H. Cerilles State College of Law & Nursing
  • Pagadian Technological & Marine School
  • Lucan Polytechnic State College
  • Philippine Paramedical & Technical School-Pagadian City Campus


  • Zamboanga del Sur Provincial Hospital
  • Pagadian City Medical Center/Mendero Hospital
  • 6 story Pagadian City Medical Center-Extension (Soon to Rise)
  • Pagadian City Community Hospital/Jamillarin Hospital
  • Pagadian City Doctor's Hospital
  • Borbon General Hospital
  • Cabahug Hospital/St. Martin Clinic
  • Magbo-o Clinic/Clinica y Pamaran
  • St. Francis Clinic
  • Hofeliña Clinic
  • Zamboanga del Sur Cooperative Hospital
  • Zamboanga del Sur Medical Center (Soon to Open


Elected Officers in the recently concluded 2007 Election last May 14 in the First District of Zamboanga del Sur.


Aurora Enerio-Cerilles (re-elect) NPC-KAMPI

Vice Governor

Roseller "Roy" Ariosa (no opponent) NPC-KAMPI

Board Members:

1. Roger Saniel (NPC-KAMPI)

2. Baldomero Fernandez (NPC-KAMPI)

3. Flaviano Fucoy (NPC-KAMPI)

4. Doki Blancia (NPC-KAMPI)

5. Ernesto Mondarte (NPC-KAMPI)

Congressman 1st District

Victor Yu (new elected congressman) NPC-KAMPI

City Mayor

Samuel S. Co (re-elect) NPC-KAMPI

Vice Mayor

Romeo Pulmones (re-elect) NPC-KAMPI


1. Romy Tan (NPC-KAMPI)

2. Erick Bersales (NPC-KAMPI)

3. Jefferson Villegas (NPC-KAMPI)

4. Bebe Sanoria (NPC-KAMPI)

5. Estrella Arao (NPC-KAMPI)

6. Ben Culvi (NPC-KAMPI)

7. Noli Garcia (NPC-KAMPI)

8. Jun Bajamunde (NPC-KAMPI)

9. Wilson Co (NPC-KAMPI)

10. Glavys Gavenia (NPC-KAMPI)

Radio Stations

AM stations

FM stations

TV Stations

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