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Directed by Dante Nico Garcia
Starring Judy Ann Santos
Mylene Dizon
Gina Pareno
Distributed by Panoramanila Pictures
Release date(s) April 30, 2008
Country Flag of the Philippines Philippines
Language Filipino

Ploning is an indie film co-produced by Judy Ann Santos that was shot entirely in Cuyo Island, Palawan. The movie presents the story of Cuyonan woman Ploning's beauty, love, promise and hope, as told from the point of view of a young boy. Ploning is a story of hope, love, forgiveness and healing.

Ploning was chosen by the Film Academy of the Philippines (FAP) as the country's representative for the 2009 Academy Awards.



The movie starts off with Muo Sei's mission to search for Ploning in just one day. Muo Sei has lived aboard an illegal Taiwanese fishing vessel for as long as he can remember. His adoptive Taiwanese father sends him to find Ploning before the sun sets when their boat docks into the shores of Cuyo, Palawan, notwithstanding the fact that they might be caught and apprehended. In his hope to change his ways and to deal with his past, Muo Sei begins his search for Ploning.

Ploning (Judy Ann Santos) is a 30-year-old Cuyonan woman who is known to the town for keeping true to her promise to wait for her beau Tomas, who left for Manila, when she was still 16 years old. Ever since Tomas left, Ploning has remained meek and never speaks of her real feelings. To the townsfolk, Ploning is the picture of an exemplary woman, and at the same time, a rumor magnet.

The beautiful Ploning cares for the 7-year-old Digo or Rodrigo (Muo Sei's real name) as if he were her own. She is a dutiful daughter to her father Susing, a supporter to grieving Intang, an honorary sister to Nieves and Toting, a wise ally to Alma, a co-mother to half-paralyzed Juaning, a good friend to the nurse Celeste, an object of desire to Siloy and a foe to Veling, Digo's older brother.

In the end, Rodrigo will find out a secret that will finally awaken him to the love he has forsaken and misunderstood.



- Jocelyn

- Nicole

- Juansuing

Representative for the Oscars

The Film Academy of the Philippines chose Ploning to be the country's representative for the 2009 Academy Awards. A special committee, headed by National Artist for Film Eddie Romero, voted for the film over the Sharon Cuneta movie Caregiver.

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