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Richard S. Grimaldo
Born December 18, 1973
Iriga City, Camarines Sur
Flagicon.png Philippines
Parents Edward Grimaldo and Leticia Sabularse

Richard Sabularse Grimaldo (born December 18, 1973) is the Internet and telecommunications administrator of the Vibal Group of Companies. He is also a programmer, graphic artist, web designer, and a photography enthusiast.


Personal and family background

Grimaldo is the eldest of eight children and was born in Iriga City, Camarines Sur. His parents are Edward Grimaldo, a former employee at the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR); and Leticia Sabularse, a former public school teacher.

The medical needs of his mother and the need to support his siblings forced him to work while studying in college. He became a stock clerk at the SM Super Sale Club (now SM Hypermart) and a service crew at Jollibee.


Grimaldo finished his elementary and secondary education at the La Consolacion Academy, a private school run by Augustinians. In 1994, he obtained a BS in marine engineering from the PMI Colleges. He considered his degree as a ticket to travel, work overseas, and help his siblings finish their studies.

Aside from academics, Grimaldo was also actively involved in various extra-curricular activities. He was a student council officer in high school and college. He was also the editor-in-chief of PMI's student newspaper. His passion for the arts -- a passion that would eventually become a career -- was also developed while he was studying.



In 1996, instead of pursuing a profession related to his college education, Grimaldo was accepted at Vibal Publishing House Inc. as an artist and illustrator. His responsibility was to provide traditional and free-hand illustrations and artworks for the textbooks and other printed materials of the company.

Grimaldo became adept in lay-out/design of textbooks and various types of printed materials when he was introduced to desktop publishing. In the process, he gained proficiency in the use of the computer in designing and was among the first free-hand artists of the company to venture into graphic arts. Grimaldo also became proficient in the use of various desktop publishing applications, digital imaging softwares, and graphic art and designing techniques.

IT career

In 2000, Vibal Publishing launched a full-scale computerization of its operations. Grimaldo took the opportunity to further enhance his computing and graphic designing skills. Aside from hands-on training provided by the company, he enrolled in an information technology course at AMA Computer Learning Center and attended a programming course at the University of the Philippines National Engineering Center (NEC) in Diliman, Quezon City. He also attended various seminars and conferences on programming, systems analysis and design, and web development.

In 2003, Grimaldo was appointed as internet administrator of Vibal Publishing and became the chief proponent of the company's computer network infrastructure. The following year, he also handled another project for Vibal regarding the improvement in the telecommunications system of the company. He was also a member of the pioneering group that spearheaded the establishment of Vibal's multimedia division. This division provides multimedia support for the print component of the publishing company.

Filnet and WikiPilipinas

Grimaldo's experience in web development and applications was crucial in the development of, an online portal and digital library for Philippine studies. Gaspar Vibal, founder and publisher, appointed him to spearhead his vision of democratizing Filipino access to information about the Philippines through the Internet. was successfully launched on November 23, 2006 during the International Association of Historians in Asia (IAHA) conference held at the Philippine Intercontinental Hotel.

In 2007, Vibal, Grimaldo, and Alfred Ursua initiated a new project,, a website patterned after the online encyclopedia Wikipedia. It was also conceived as a companion website to The project's goal was to create an online encyclopedia dedicated exclusively to popularizing Philippine content. Wikipiniana was rebranded later on as WikiPilipinas with Vibal as the publisher, Ursua as the managing editor, and Grimaldo as the webmaster<ref name="test1">WikiPilipinas:Call for Contributions by Annalyn Jusay’s Manila Bulletin’s TechNews section on August 28, 2007 </ref>.

Grimaldo has explained that WikiPilipinas is an appropriate reference site for casual readers and for instant knowledge and information about the Philippines and Filipinos<ref name="test2">WikiPilipinas and Today’s Knowledge Revolution by Annalyn Jusay’s Manila Bulletin’s TechNews section on August 28, 2007 </ref>. He is convinced that WikiPilipinas will eventually be recognized as a credible online research facility for students and professionals.

After it was formally launched during the 28th Manila International Book Fair, WikiPilipinas immediately made a mark in Philippine history by being the first Philippine online encyclopedia<ref name="test3">"Biggest Philippine Encyclopedia Online reaches 100,000 visitors," Business Mirror's Life 09/12/2007. </ref>. Grimaldo reported that the site reached one million page views after the book fair launch, making WikiPilipinas one of the most visited start-up sites.

Other interests

In 2004, Grimaldo got interested with photography after his uncle gave him his old SLR camera. The following year, his works were commissioned and circulated in several newspapers, magazines, annual reports, and books. In 2006, Grimaldo's work became a finalist for EPix-06 Best Images, a yearly Epson Photo Imaging eXposition contest for professional and amateur photographers.


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