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Shake, Rattle & Roll is a film series in the Philippines produced exclusively by Regal Films. The series begun in 1984 and has run up to the present. All of the movies in the series are official entries for the Metro Manila Film Festival.

Though tagged as horror-comedy, there are actually only a few horor-comedy episodes within the series: Shake, Rattle & Roll 2 Episode 2: Kulam (Joey Marquez, et al), Shake Rattle and Roll 2k5 Episode 1(Ai Ai Delas Alas, et al) and Shake, Rattle & Roll 8 Episode 1 (Bearwin Meily et al).

Each installment of the series consists of three episodes, with different directors and writers for each episode.


Shake, Rattle & Roll 1 (1984)


Three youngsters -- Paolo (PJ Abellana), Johnny (Joel Torre) and Girlie (Arlene Muhlach) -- communicate with the spirits of the dead by using a glass vessel (Spirit of the Glass). Through this, they discover the tale of a tragic love triangle.


Director: Ishmael Bernal

Lorna (Charito Solis), the matriarch of the household, starts discovering chopped human parts inside their refrigerator, which seems to have taken on a life of its own. Said appliance starts to moan and breathe deeply as if sexually aroused whenever the daughter Virgie (Janice de Belen) is around, ultimately leading to a gruesome finale where the daughter is gobbled up.


Douglas (Herbert Bautista) courts a barrio lass (Irma Alegre) without knowing that she is secretly an aswang. At night her upper body flies as a bat-winged creature and causes chaos for Douglas' family.

Shake, Rattle & Roll 2 (1990)

The episodes of this installment were helmed by two of the most respected directors in Philippine movies, Peque Gallaga and Lore Reyes.


Newlywed couple Cathy (Janice de Belen) and Mari (Eric Quizon) spend their honeymoon in an old house in Baguio. Mari puts on a mysterious ring, unaware that it originally belonged to a murderer. Whenever he wears it, he is possessed by the spirit of the murderer searching for his next victim.


A witch (Daisy Romaualdez) falls madly in love with Bogard (Joey Marquez). Tiffany (Carmina Villaroel) helps out in discovering ways to defeat the witch and undo her spell, until finally the witch is turned into a frog.


A group of friends travel to the province for vacation, unaware that the locals are all monsters. The monster (Ana Roces) tricks her best friend Portia (Manilyn Reynes) and the rest of the group into being devoured by the townsfolk.

Shake, Rattle & Roll 3 (1991)

This was Regal Film's entry to the 1991 Metro Manila Film Festival.


Tanya (Kris Aquino) suspects that something eerie is going on in her household, especially when she feels the presence of the spirit of an old woman who is determined to take her baby away.


Roselyn (Janice de Belen) went back to the province to attend a wake for her older sister Rowena (Gina Alajar), only to find out that her sister is undead. A cult brought Rowena back to life and Roselyn is determined to end the curse on her sister.


Maloy (Manilyn Reynes) goes on a field trip with her friends and takes home some eggs that turn out to belong to a horrifying gelatinous sea creature called "Undin". The Undin goes to the city to rescue its children and search for Ojay (Joey Marquez), the guy who took the eggs. To escape the Undin's vengeance, Maloy and company must find a way to return the remaining eggs to their mother.

Shake, Rattle & Roll 4 (1992)


Jodie (Manilyn Reynes) has a crush on Mr. Zerrudo (Edu Manzano), her handsome professor. However, she soon discovers that Mr. Zerrudo turns into a monster after taking a potion.


  • Cast: Aiza Seguerra as Nikki, Janice de Belen as Yaya Tising, Al Tantay and Lady Lee

Yaya Tising (Janice de Belen) is responsible for looking after Nikki (Aiza Seguerra) and her baby sister. They soon discover a horrifying creature called a "Witawit" that lives in the trees in the park and steals children, including Nikki's baby sister. They must solve the mystery and save the abducted children.


The residents of a slum area in Manila believe that a manananggal is responsible for the deaths of several of their number. A boy called Teks (IC Mendoza) suspects a nun (Aiko Melendez) of being the manananggal, but no one believes him. Instead, the old ladies in the area suspect their new neighbor, Aling Iya (Lilia Cuntapay).

Shake Rattle & Roll 5 (1994)

This installment was directed by Manny Castañeda and Jose Javier Reyes.


A couple vacations on an island. The wife (Ruffa Gutierrez) encounters a maligno (Monsour del Rosario), who is actually a handsome young man in disguise. This "maligno" falls deeply in love with her and offers to cure her boyfriend as long as she stays with him forever.


The spirit of a murderer lurks in the apartment and spreads, threatening to kill each of the family members.


Two rich siblings are abducted and left by the kidnappers in an old abandoned house. In fact, the house is inhabited by an impakto or vampire (Chuck Perez), which threatens their lives.

Shake, Rattle & Roll 6 (1997)

This installment was directed by Maurice Carvajal, Anton Juan and Frank Rivera. Unlike the previous installments, it was released in early 1997, for the New Year.


A lonely child (Camille Pratts) finds comfort in watching TV when all of a sudden a clown appears on the screen and forces her into the TV.


Three teenage girls discover the restless spirit of a little boy (Tom Taus) haunting a bridge. Rival child stars Aiza Seguerra and Matet de Leon worked together for the first time in this movie.


"Buwan" is about mysterious campus murders being investigated by Tonton Gutierrez, one of the teachers in school. A teacher (Tonton Gutierrez) investigates a series of mysterious campus murders. One of his students (Georgia Ortega) seems to be the key to help him solve the mystery. Ultimately he discovers that the girl is in love with him and secretly transforms into a monster during the full moon.

Shake, Rattle & Roll 7 (2005)

Also known as Shake, Rattle & Roll VII, this was the official entry to the 31st Metro Manila Film Festival.


A fraudulent occultist (Ai Ai Delas Alas) performs what was supposed to be her last spirit session when a rich old woman (Gloria Romero) offers her a huge sum of money to contact the woman's dead grandson. Together with her partners in crime, the occultist takes on this last job, only to realize that they may not live to see another day. The water tap located at the back of the house is the only remaining witness to the horrifying events.


A family moves into a new condominium and are terrorized by a cursed aquarium. They see visions of an old woman warning them against the doomed fish tank.

"Ang Lihim ng San Joaquin"

A couple elope to escape the wife's parents and start a new life. They move to a town called San Joaquin, unaware that it is teeming with aswangs, who crave newborn babies to eat.

Shake, Rattle & Roll 8 (2006)

This was the official entry for the 32nd Metro Manila Film Festival, directed by Mike Tuviera, Rahyan Carlos, and Topel Lee.

"13th Floor"

Party organizers arrange a children's party on the 13th floor of a building, unaware of horrifying turn of events that would take place.


Benjo is a naughty boy who loves to trick his yayas and make up stories. He finds out that the yaya of his baby sister is a vampire. It is now up to him to convince others to believe him.


Passengers find themselves stranded in a train station. A terrifying creature is bent on eating them alive. Will they survive?

Shake, Rattle & Roll 9 (2007)

This installment was directed by Paul Daza, Topel Lee and Mike Tuviera.

"Christmas Tree"

A family spends their Christmas vacation in their grandmother's house only to discover that the Christmas tree is evil and just waiting for the right time to turn each member of the family into its own personal Christmas banquet.


A desolate love brings the characters into a Twilight Zone-inspired nightmare, leading them to an unexpected fatal twist.


A teenage gothic rock band bound for a gig in a remote province find themselves lost in a forest. The group then discovers an abandoned resort, unaware that they have trespassed into the territory of an engkanto.


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