Super Inggo (TV Series)

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Super Inggo
Super Inggo Picture.jpg
ABS-CBN's Super Inggo starring Makisig Morales
Genre Drama, Action, Comedy, Horror, Fantasy
Created by Liendro Candelaria
Starring Makisig Morales, Jairus Aquino, Angelu De Leon, Ai Ai Deles Alas, Brad Murdoch, Sam Concepcion, Herbert Bautista, Mark Anthony Fernandez, Ms. Nova Villa, Meryll Soriano, Derek Ramsey, Alwyn Uytinco, Empress Karen Schuck, Dominic Roco, Felix Roco, Matutina, Zanjoe Marudo, Say Alonzo, Andrew Mulach, Zaira Dela Pena, Kris MArtinez, Kathryn Bernardo, Jacob Dionisio, Joshuia Dionisio
Opening theme Superhero by Rocksteddy
Country of origin Flag of the Philippines Philippines
Language(s) Tagalog
No. of episodes 120
Executive producer(s) Shiela Marie A. Ocampo, Emilio Paul E. Siojo
Running time 20-30 Minutes
Original channel ABS-CBN
Picture format 480i SDTV
Original run August 28, 2006February 9, 2007
Preceded by Carlo J. Caparas' Panday
Followed by Maria Flor De Luna
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Super Inggo is ABS-CBN’s groundbreaking superserye. Which focuses on its main character Budong (Makisig Morales), a 10-year-old kid who dreams of becoming a real life and full pleged superhero. Unknown to him, he posesses superhuman strength and abilities which he inherited from his Superhero father and Evil mother. The series started on August 28, 2006 and ended on February 9, 2007 and Ranked number 2 in Philippine Nationwide Ratings, courtesy of AGB Nielsen Media Research. The show has two seasons. the show's tagline is "Tol, superhero ka!"



The story focuses on its 10-year old central character named Budong (Makisig Morales) who dreams to be a full-pledged superhero. Unknown to him, he possesses superhuman abilities that he inherited from his Superhero father and Evil Mother Bugan. Raised by his adoptive mother Pacita (Angelu de Leon), he grew up to be a street smart kid together with his Bestfriend Jomar (Jairus Aquino). He secretly entered the power academy to train as a superhero and become SUPER INGGO which gave the Prince of Darkness (Brad Murdoch) the idea of Budong was his long lost son with the Bugan. The Prince of Darkness created strategies to confirm it and in order to fulfill his plan to complete the circle of Evil Trinity. It was later revealed that his bestfriend Jomar was Actually the Son of Prince of Darkness and their Biological mother is Bugan.

Superhero/Non Superhero characters

Raised by his adoptive mother Pacita, he grew up to be a street smart 10-year-old boy who dreams to be a superhero. Unknown to him is that he possesses extraordinary gifts which he inherited from his Superhero father. He was recruited by the Power academy to train and join the league of superheroes which was into an objection to his mother's decision. Soon he decided to enroll into the academy and became SUPER INGGO because of a premonition that his mother will be in grave danger. Soon he will discover that his real mother was the Halimaw sa banga named Bugan.

Raised and adopted by his Kuya Paloy, he grew up to be a street smart witty kid after his known mother left for Hongkong which never showed up for a very long time but he never lose hope in seeing his known mother again. He also dreams to be a full pledged superhero like budong. Also known as "Pambansang Bestfriend ng Pilipinas" and Sidekick to Budong. At the later part of the story, he will discover that he is the son of the Prince of Darkness and the halimaw sa banga which proved him to be the key in the completion of the Evil Trinity. He also discovered that he and budong are biologically brothers.

The love interest of Budong and Daughter of Kanor. Maya's personality as a Kikay girl brings her into an interesting character with her naugthy words such as "YUCKY!" and "EEEEEWW!" and taglish punchlines. Called as "pinakabatang Bella Flores ng Pilipinas" by Jomar.

  • Pacita (Angelu De Leon) - The adoptive mother of Budong and sister to Super Inday

He grew up alone raising his adopted brother Jomar after being left by his mother to be a Domestic Helper in Hong-Kong. Worked as a vendor to support themselves but apparently got fired because of an incident. Later, he Joined his friends in a Pawnshop Robbery but tends to keep the money for himself and Jomar. Paloy was convincing Jomar to Leave with him to escape but sadly, he was shot. He soon recovered from the hospital and was sent into prison for his involvement in the Robbery. In the later part of the story, his mother returned and bailed him out of Jail and traveled to Hong-Kong to study and live there and left Jomar in custody of Kanor. But full of hopes in Reuniting with his adopted Brother

  • Kanor (Mark Anthony Fernandez)
  • Cynthia (Kaye Abad)
  • Boi Bawang (Sam Concepcion)
  • Kumander Bawang (Herbert Baustista)
  • Ava Abaniko (Empress Schuck)
  • Lola Impa (Matutina)
  • JP and PJ (Dominic and Felix Roco)
  • Super Islaw (Zanjoe Marudo)
  • Super Inday (Meryll Sorianno)
  • Machete (Derek Ramsey)
  • Lola Juaning (Ms. Nova Villa)
  • Joe Diokno (Chris Martinez)
  • Teg (Andrew Mulach)
  • Kennedy Pamituan (Joshua Dionisio)
  • Jessa Blusa (Zaira Dela Peña)
  • Petrang Kabayo (Empoy Marquez)
  • The Clan (Helga Krampt, Visam Arenas, Geoff taylor)


The primary villain in the story. Leandro is actually a very loving son who wants to free his mother from hell after saving him by using its Evil powers. He made an agreement with Lucifer that he will Complete the circle of the Evil Trinity which comprises of the Evil Father (POD), Evil Mother (Bugan) and Evil Son (Jomar) which will lead to the resurrection of Lucifer through his son Jomar and the Reign of Darkness in the face of the Earth

A very loving mother who possess extraordinary powers. but after being sealed by her tribe in the Jar for thousands of years that led to the deaths of her husband and her first son, She was transformed into a monster full of Hatred and Vengeance. She was released into the jar that led her into battle againts the Super heroes. But later, she seduced islaw in order to prevent her from having a child againts the Prince of Darkness which will assure the completion of POD's plan of Evil trinity. But POD planted his evil seed using his powers on bugan which led to the birth of the siblings Budong and Jomar.

  • Chuva Chew Chewing Gum
Monster summoned by the Prince of Darkness which is made out of Bubblegum. The purpose of this is for POD to get rid of the Superheroes but this monster lately was defeated by Super Inday and Super Islaw.
  • Lotus Feat

  • Nestor ang Supremo ng mga Aswang

  • Aswang and Vampires

  • Linlang the ShapeShifter

  • Junanaks

Production Credits

  • DIRECTED BY: Malu Sevilla, Gilbert Perez
  • EXECUTIVES IN-CHARGE OF PRODUCTION: Enrico C. Santos, Cathy Ochoa Perez
  • PRODUCTION MANAGER: Raymund G. Dizon
  • CREATIVE MANAGER: Jake Tordesillas
  • EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Shiela Marie A. Ocampo, Emilio Paul E. Siojo
  • HEADWRITER: Wali Ching
  • CONCEPT BY: Liendro Candelaria
  • WRITERS: Liendro Candelaria, Albert Cruz, Sonia Pascual, John Paul Melosantos, Janice O'Hara, John Roque
  • BACK PACK DIRECTOR: Neal Felix Del Rosario
  • PRODUCTION DESIGNERS: Dante Nico Garcia, Abet Alvarez
  • DIRECTORS OF PHOTOGRAPHY: Joey Mallari, Algin Siscar
  • ASSOCIATE PRODUCER: Maya Aralar, Arnel Nacario
  • ASSISTANT DIRECTORS: Lyan Leonardo Suiza, Cherry Sy, Garry Fernando, Carlo Artillaga
  • PRODUCTION ASSISTANTS: Jocelyn Manlingit Tarce, Aimee Sumalde, Arlan Lee Armada, Mark Kevin De Vela, Kathleen patagan
  • ART DIRECTORS: Raymund George Fernandez, Jay Dy, Dave Tolentino, Ferdie Alvarez, Tj Llenarisaz
  • ASSISTANT LOCATION MANAGERS: Ramon Velasco, Ricardo De Guzman
  • SPECIAL HAIR AND MAKE-UP: Jackie Rivera, Rhea Espinosa
  • MUSICAL DESIGN: Carmina Cuya
  • SOUND DESIGN: Aeneid Pajo
  • EDITORS: Roy Francia, Michael Marinas, Jay Mendoza, Jake Maderazo, Sidney Pascua, Chris Baclig, Bren John De Leon, John Ryan Bonifacio, Aries Pascual, Sonny De Jesus
  • VISUAL EFFECTS COMPOSITING ARTISTS: Aldo Aguilar, Melvin Guinto, Joey Sumulong, Juliet Coo, Carmi Cruz, Olive Khu, Oni Yumul, Monacx Moreno
  • VISUAL EFFECTS 3D ARTSTS: Gail Limos, Cedrick Hornedo, Vincent Cheng, Mike Padilla
  • CCP VP FOR PROMOTIONS: Robert Labayen
  • ACCOUNT MANAGER: Trina Sanchez
  • PROMO SPECIALIST: Karen Capino
  • PROMO PRODUCER: Aris de Guzman
  • ABS-CBN CORPORATE PR: Maloli Espinosa, Leah Salterio, Gian Carlo Vizcarra
  • CREATIVE SYNERGY: Erwin Aurella, Christina Yu
  • PROMO EDITORS: Janis Jose, Rochelle Tan
  • PRE-PRESS AND GRAPHIC DESIGN: Chelly Chong, Roger Villaron, Hilda Torres

Super Inggo Trivias

Super Inggo: The untold story
After more than five months on primetime TV, ABS-CBN’s hit superserye, Super Inggo is ready to reveal the mysteries that envelope the lives of its protagonists and antagonists, and to unravel the threads that bind its plot as the series ends Friday night. And, if the show kept fans glued to their TV sets because of its intelligent twists, witty dialogues, the actors’ admirable performances and impressive special effects, it is equally interesting to know the untold stories behind the show that remind everyone of the real meaning of being a superhero. Super Inggo was developed by a group of certified ‘80s kids, who have started working for TV, led by Liendro Candelaria. Missing their childhood campy heroes and missing the love teams of That’s Entertainment, these creative minds pitched the concept of the superserye purely for the fun of seeing their heroes go through marriage and parenthood. After the concept got a thumbs up from Business Unit head Enrico Santos and ABS-CBN management, a most significant blessing, almost instantly, came the show’s way. Producers Lily Monteverde, Vic del Rosario, Robbie Tan allowed the show to use their characters. Because of this, the show’s league of superheroes took shape early on. The lead role of Super Inggo/Budong, however, did not fall easily on Makisig Morales’ lap. Recommended for the role were Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros star Nathan Lopez, who eventually begged off, and Crush ng Bayan Sam Concepcion, who was deemed too big for the part. Finally, Makisig got the role, but he was almost booted out the next day when he couldn’t seem to handle the heavy scenes in earlier tapings. Because of this, the child star had to go through eight takes before perfecting one scene. This, along with the Labor Department’s four-hour limit for child actors, immediately caused shooting delays, with some staff members asking that Makisig be replaced. When Enrico placed his full confidence on Makisig, however, directors Gilbert Perez and Malu Sevilla devised a shortcut acting strategy for Makisig. They taught Makisig to open his mouth, knit his eyebrows in a mock hockey expression and widen his eyes to marble-sized wonder. Thus was born Super Inggo’s signature look of awe. Pretty soon, Makisig won the admiration of the team with his emotionally-charged performances. Apparently, he learned very fast and can even own the screen better than other stars more senior than he is. The pilot episode got rave reviews from ABS-CBN top management, so taping went full steam ahead. But the biggest hurdle was when the succeeding episodes all got rejected because they were too "gothic." Because of this, the production people, led by Enrico Santos and production manager Raymund Dizon had to undergo what must be the most extensive surgery in ABS-CBN soap history: Thirty-five half-hour episodes rewritten, re-shot, re-edited and re-scored. The producers saved what they could of the original taped episodes, and shot new takes. Result: a six-month delay. But the most shocking was Mark Anthony Fernandez’s hairstyle that changed from short to long in two consecutive scenes — an offshoot of tapings shot so far apart. The toughest case, however, was when management rejected the Power Academy scenes. The entire academy scenario was rebuilt, but this time, inside computers. The Inggo team tapped the network’s entire special effects department to work 24 hours round-the-clock, recreate the interiors and enhance the looks of the Academy’s exteriors. But amidst all these trials, the incredibly close bond between Budong (Makisig) and Jomar (Jairus Aquino) won the parents’ hearts and the kids’ interest so much so that from an original 13-week script, the series ran for a total of 28 weeks. The show also saw numerous milestones in the lives of its cast and crew. Mark Anthony got married, and so did Meryll (to Bernard Palanca). Members of the production staff Sheila Ocampo and Kevin dela Vela, fell in love with each other while doing Super Inggo. Tapings for the superserye took numerous months and forged strong bonds among everyone — from the management to the cast and crew. In fact, Super Inggo is perhaps the only series that had no cast walkout, no demand for pay increases, no complaints of overtime tapings and practically, not one bit of conflict among cast members. "Everyone gave their hearts to Super Inggo like it was their own baby," Enrico says. "The series became everybody’s little boy and superhero."
The Philippine Star (5/25/2007 1:53:45 AM)

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