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Typhoon refers to the tropical cyclones that occur in Asia, specifically in western Pacific and Indian oceans. Listed here are the typhoons that entered the Philippine Area of Responsibility and thus affected the Philippines. Bagyo is the Filipino term for typhoon or tropical cyclone. Around 20 bagyo hit the Philippines every year.

The Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration or PAGASA classifies a bagyo into one of the four types depending on its wind speed. It is only a tropical depression when it has attained wind speed of between 35 km/h and 64 km/h near its center. It is named a tropical storm for a wind speed of between 65 km/h and 119 km/h. It officially is designated as a typhoon only when it attains wind speed of 120 to 185 km/h; morphing into a super typhoon when maximum winds is greater than 185 km/h.



The term bagyo (also spelled as baguio) as defined in the glossary of the American Metereological Society, is not accepted by mainstream Filipinos and should be considered deprecated.

Bagyo and typhoon are equivalent terms which are regionally specific names to a more general term tropical cyclone.

List of Typhoons

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