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HelpIcon PoliciesAndGuidelines.png This article forms part of the official policies and guidelines for WikiPilipinas.

WikiPilipinas policies and guidelines have been devised by the WikiPilipinas:Administrators to serve as your reference for using, contributing to and editing WikiPilipinas.

Policy and guideline pages of WikiPilipinas are headlined with Template:WikiPilipinas Policies and Guidelines Heading.


Procedural Questions

What's the difference between a policy and a guideline?

  • A guideline is any page that is actionable (i.e. it recommends, or recommends against, an action to be taken by editors). Guidelines are not set in stone and should be treated with common sense and the occasional exception. Amendments to a guideline should be discussed on its talk page, not on a new page — although it's generally acceptable to edit a guideline to improve it.
  • A policy is similar to a guideline, only more official and less likely to have exceptions. Policies may only be changed by the editorial board and by members with special administrative and editorial privileges.

Who decides WikiPilipinas policy?

The administrative board of WikiPilipinas makes policy-related decisions. Some of our policies with respect to content may dovetail with those of Wikipedia but the organizing principles behind WikiPilipinas are different (see WikiPilipinas:About/Four Cornerstones Of WikiPilipinas).

Will these policies and guidelines change?

Policy change comes only from the administrative board of

How are policies and guidelines enforced?

You are a WikiPilipinas editor. Active participants can edit and make corrections to the format and content problems they see. So the participants are both writers and editors.

Individual users thus enforce most policies and guidelines by editing pages, and discussing matters with each other. Some policies, such as Vandalism, are enforced by administrators by blocking users.

Some features of the software which could potentially be misused, such as deleting pages and locking pages from editing, are restricted to administrators.

List of policy and guidelines

See WikiPilipinas:Help:List of policies and guidelines.