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The WikiPilipinas Help Portal

WikiPilipinas is building the Help portal to provide our users with information on how to use, edit and contribute to WikiPilipinas. We are encouraging WikiPilipinas volunteers to take an active part in updating and expanding the content in the Help portal to support other users.

If you want to help, please register and be part of the growing community of volunteers in WikiPilipinas.

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The Cornerstones of WikiPilipinas


  • WikiPilipinas is an encyclopedia dedicated to anything and everything that matters to Filipinos and the Philippines. It is an encyclopedia of Philippine content and includes elements of an almanac, directory and community pages. A centralized repository of Philippine content, it is intended to serve Filipinos anywhere in the world. Wikipilipinas allows Filipinos to document themselves in a manner they deem proper, whether or not it agrees with what foreign sources say. Articles are grouped under 12 major knowledge areas, or portals, relevant to Filipinos. Whenever possible, articles provide links to other related articles. This way, context is established, building a tightly connected network of topics and articles.


  • WikiPilipinas adheres to the principles of intellectual property and encourages original work. Contributors are encouraged to write on their own research on the site, provided that references are included to substantiate the published articles. Whether or not articles are original, they must be presented in a balanced manner, providing fair discussion of an issue from different perspectives. Though WikiPilipinas believes that no view can be entirely neutral, it does not endorse, advocate or subscribe to any particular political, religious, or ideological position.


  • WikiPilipinas advocates free access to information. WikiPilipinas adheres to the protocol of the GNU Free Documentation License (GFDL) and therefore considers texts and images free of use and distribution. Content published on WikiPilipinas pages are automatically licensed under GFDL. WikiPilipinas does not accept materials that infringe on copyright or works licensed in a manner that is incompatible with the GFDL.


  • WikiPilipinas follows a code of conduct. Although WikiPilipinas prescribes a set of fairly liberal writing and editing guidelines, contributors are encouraged to be civil at all times. They should not engage in any action that results in the disruption of the website. WikiPilipinas does not accept contributions that violates Philippine laws, namely those that are defamatory, libelous and pornographic content.

Mindy's Blog


Mindy-the  blogger
I'm Mindy blogging for the WikiPilipinas Help Page!

Welcome to the new Help portal of WikiPilipinas! WikiPilipinas has been going strong since its official launch on June 12, 2007. We have more than 4,000 users contributing to and editing over 45,000 articles. While WikiPilipinas started out as a fork of Wikipedia, we want to offer unique content just for the Filipino reader, and our pool of editors and contributors are working towards this goal. Articles ported from Wikipedia are gradually being deprecated and replaced with original WikiPilipinas content.

The WikiPilipinas Help documentation is currently being customized to reflect the exciting new direction which WikiPilipinas is taking and to provide our community with user-friendly support. While some Help articles will retain text from Wikipedia with regard to the usage of shared Mediawiki software, our tutorials and guidelines have undergone revision. Whether you are an old or a new user, please take a moment to review our policies and to explore the Help sub-pages and topic outline.

If you have problems or questions please post to the Help talk page. Thank you!

Help Documentation Outline


  • Overview
    • About WikiPilipinas
    • Policy Statement: 4 Cornerstones of WikiPilipinas
    • What WikiPilipinas is not
    • FAQ
  • Contributing
    • Contributing FAQ
    • Basic navigation
    • How wiki works
    • Creating an account
    • How to write
    • Categories
    • Citations and references
    • Links
    • Image policy
    • Formatting guidelines
      • Wiki syntax
      • Templates
      • Infoboxes
      • Naming conventions
  • Editing
    • Editing FAQ
    • How to edit
    • Copyediting
    • Stubs
    • Cleanup
    • Authentication
    • Mergers and splits
    • Notability
  • WikiPilipinas community
    • Using WikiPilipinas
    • Content listing
    • Article drives
    • WikiPinoys
  • Maintenance
    • Article issues
      • Copyright violations
      • Categorization issues
    • User management
    • Disputes and warnings
    • Administrative assistance
  • Technical
    • Cheatsheet
    • Wiki markup
    • Creating templates
    • Mediawiki
  • Sister projects